The hand in Homo sapiens has evolved into a versatile tool capable of a variety of movements. Diseases or injuries of the hand affect the functionality and efficiency of work. That means that such subtle treatments require specially trained doctors. Plastic surgeons deal with the surgery of the hand, having experience in wound repair, skin deficit coverage techniques (skin grafts, local or distal flaps or even free flaps). The fine and atraumatic technique in which plastic surgeons are trained in helps the surgeon optimize the results, in diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome (which may need nerve neurolysis) or Dupuytren’s Disease (where thorough cleaning of the fibrous tissue is required to preclude the recurrence of the disease). Tendon, nerve and vessel stapling and micro suturing and even finger reattachment is common practice for plastic surgeons in special centers. Finally, the treatment of the burned hand cannot be addressed solely by the plastic surgeon.