Tattoo Removal is sometimes required due to professional or social reasons.

A contemporary method used is the tattoo removal using Laser Therapy. Unfortunately that’s rarely feasible with just one treatment; most often several treatments with multiple month intervals are needed. If the tattoo is colored and containing yellow and green, special lasers are required. Single colored professional made tattoos, given ample time, respond well to treatment.

The classic way of tattoo removal, namely dermal abrasion, is feasible within shorter time frames, if the tattoo is professional made, i.e. the coloring has not penetrated the deeper dermal layers. If the coloring is located on the surface the results are better. The procedure involves local anesthesia and usage of special tools that remove all the colored skin layers. The created trauma is healed within a short time with the correct dressing and leaves in place a pink surface which corresponds to the healed skin and slowly returns to the natural skin color.

When concerning small tattoos we are able to completely remove them by excision and suturing, which leaves in place a small scar, which cannot be associated to the former tattoo existence.