The normal shape of the ear flap has a certain anatomical structure which if disturbed certain malformations manifest which are visible and especially bothersome. If for example the missing aspect is the flap called anthelix, then the ear protrudes from the skull more than 30 degrees (which is the norm) from the skull. Less common are other conditions that alter the image of the flap like lop ear (the tip of the ear folds inward), cup ear (small ear), shell ear (not forming the helix of the ear).

The protruding ears usually bother children, adolescents and adults who are interested in the image.

The complete formation of the ear is completed early in the development of the child so we can fix the problem when the child is still in the preschool age before going to school and suffer the teasing of his peers. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia while in older ages it can be done under local anesthesia.

The goal of surgery is to reshape the anthelix that is missing, resulting protruding ears. Cartilage is a tissue that tends to return in its previous form so what we try to accomplish is the thinning of the cartilage so we can sculpt the ear the way we want to. With the formation of the anthelix the ear can be placed in its right position.

The surgery is performed through an incision behind the ear and necessary manipulations to correct the problems mentioned are made. Using internal sutures and cartilage sculpting we can resolve the issues. The incision is then sutured with absorbable external sutures and protective casting is applied for a week. Results are permanent.