It is the most common plastic surgery procedure worldwide. Plastic Surgeons worldwide have built considerable experience performing it the past twenty five years.

Modern methods of performing liposuction is body contouring, micro-liposuction and liposuction using ultrasound or laser, all of these are essentially modern progresses of the traditional liposuction.

Using small incisions in the skin (2-3 mm) in hidden places and with very thin cannulas we suck the excess subcutaneous fat. The goal is to improve the area in which we intervene and that resists diet or exercise. In other words, liposuction is not a method of dieting. The removal of fat is always in amounts and in a manner so as not to loosen the skin area in which we performed the surgery. The surgery is performed on small areas under local anesthesia and for larger ones under light sedation. Post operatively the patient wears a special tight corset that helps decrease the swelling in the region. The result is obvious within one and a half months and change occurs in the region up until 6 months after the operation.